Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing and Stand Set Review

If you want more style in your patio, lawn or garden, the Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing and Stand Set is an awesome choice.

This wooden hammock arc stand is designed with not only a more pleasant sleep and relaxation in mind but also a terrific way of embellishing your backyard or patio and other outdoor living spaces.

The finest product from Giantex, this amazing modern cot is a fabric or pool hammock which has spreader bars.

The fabric is made from polyester cotton that is only 260 grams in weight.

The wooden hammock is made from solid and sturdy Russian larch wood that is so shiny, it will definitely brighten up your backyard.

This free-standing hammock has wooden spreader bars that come with the product and steel chain-like hanging loops that support your hammock.

The arc wooden hammock stand comes in 6 segments (all are curved) which can be assembled in minutes with the help of a proper tool (a long screwdriver will do).


Key Features and Benefits

Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing and Stand Set

One thing great about the Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing is its solid wood stand. You can really count on the integrity of the stand as it is made from hardwood that will not stumble even when you swing repeatedly as it is designed for such.

Additionally, unlike the Brazilian-style of hammocks, which can wrap you in a cocoon-like manner, this pool hammock remains to unwrap and expose because of the spreader bars.

You will remain refresh as the cool air breeze touches you during your sleep.

Moreover, because of the wooden material which bends a little during your ride, you can experience both swinging side by side and a little bit of shaking back and forth.

You can’t feel this sensation from ordinary hammock combos.

As a result, you will sleep deeply and relax more comfortably compared to other hammocks.

Furthermore, with non-sinking hammock bed, you can lie flat unto it and feel more convenient. As an added treat, you can put a pillow under your head just like in a stationary bed.

  • As a free-standing hammock, this combo does not need any other supports
  • With a 264lbs weight capacity
  • Ideal as a semi-permanent equipment
  • Allows you to stretch out with your whole body on the hammock bed
  • Assembly of the unit only takes minutes
  • Other extra wide hammocks will fit with this wooden stand
  • No tangling of ropes as it is well-distributed through holes on the spreader bars
  • More stable than steel stand
  • Fixed eye-bolts on both poles where adjustment can only be made by affixing the steel chain’s link into the provided carabiner
  • Heavier than a steel hammock stand (61lbs overall weight) requiring two people to move
  • More difficult to transport than a hammock with steel stand


If you want your hammock to be placed in your backyard or patio in a semi-permanent manner, you will find the Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing and Stand Set as your most appropriate choice.

This will also coincide when you are not a travel buddy and mostly remain at home even on holidays.

The polyester cotton that comes with this hammock combo last longer even when exposed to the elements.

But to make this Giantex hammock serves you better, you can cover the hammock during the night especially when it rains.

Giantex 10 Ft Wood Hammock Stand with Cotton Hammock, Arc Hammock Stand Chair Swing Set for Backyard...*
  • 【A Well-Built Hammock Stand】The hammock stand is coated with wood oil finish for durability and easy-cleaning. The superior stand is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its simple style will be a great addition to your patio, balcony, deck, garden, pool, etc.
  • 【100% Solid Wood Hammock Stand】This hammock stand is super duralbe as it is made of Russian larch, which enjoys the reputation of ‘king of wood’ for its firmess and solidness. The hammock stand has a perfect angle and is suitable in size, featuring 123.5" X 45.5" X 47.5".
  • 【Large Hammock with Cozy Cotton Fabric】 The soft and comfy hammock is made of polyester cotton, providing you comfortable and relaxation. The hammock has plenty of space and comes with hardwood spreader bars at both ends to keep it from knotted.
  • 【Durable Fabric and Ropes】 Do you want a durable hammock? This one has superior hardware and durable fabric with the ropes shaped like fish tails tied to the stand to ensure the stability and increase load bearing. The weight capaciy is up to 264lbs. You can use it with ease.
  • 【Portable for Easy Moving and Storage】As you can see the hammock is easy to detach and assemble. The hammock weight is about 52 lbs, heavy duty enough for stability and durability. But it is still portable for you to take it to anywhere you like when all parts are disassembled.

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