The Best Camping Blanket: Warm And Protective

Camping is the most popular adventuristic activity of all time. It is not as demanding as hiking, not as dangerous as paragliding, but you still have some sense of survival, and you get a chance to reconnect to nature. 

Pretty impressive, I agree.

But still, even camping requires some prior knowledge and preparation so that the whole experience can be enjoyable. We did a little research and came to the conclusion that the most frequent mistake campers make is not preparing warm enough insulation. 

Listen, the rule is no matter how hot the weather is, you will get cold over the night!

Therefore, If you're not using a sleeping bag, you most definitely need a camping blanket. Now, having in mind a specific purpose these products have, you need to know how to choose the best camping blanket for efficient insulation! That's why we're here.

We referred to countless customer reviews and did some research of our own to select the best camping blanket on the market.

Check out our reviews!


Top 3 Best Camping Blankets: Comparison Chart

8 Best Camping Blankets of 2020 - My Reviews

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket - Top Pick Camping Blanket

Military blankets seem to be extremely popular among the campers due to their durability and excellent warmth insulation properties. This model comes from Acturus, a Washington State outdoor company, familiar with harsh weather conditions, therefore, determined to produce high-quality products to fight them.

Now, when it comes to the blanket itself, it is made of 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. What you get with a combination like this is a natural, breathable material to keep you warm in dry and wet conditions as well, while being gentle on the skin and durable due to added synthetics. 

Now, wool is a natural fire-retardant material; therefore, it has no additional chemicals, which is essential for your kids while being perfectly safe for any situation.

The model comes in three color variants and can be washed in the machine, yet for the minimal shedding, you should hand wash it in cold water. It weighs 4.5 pounds and measures 5x7 feet.

As for the drawbacks, customers were mainly unsatisfied with the chemical smell the blanket has, and over shedding.

  • Excessive shedding
  • Smell

Kelty Bestie Blanket - Runner Up Best Blanket For Camping

Next off, we have a beautiful throw camping blanket with truly attractive designs and amazing insulative properties, therefore the best choice for picky campers who want their equipment beauteous.

The first great thing about this blanket is its versatility in decor, as there are ten design varieties available, each truly unique and colorful.

Since most campers carry their equipment in a backpack, a blanket needs to be lightweight. Kelty Bestie Blanket weighs only 1.8 lbs and comes with a compact stuff sack with a handle so you won't have to worry about transport.

Now, the essential property-insulation. The blanket is made with CloudLoft Insulation, SuperSoft 75D polyester taffeta Shell, and 190T Poly Pungee Liner Material. Plus, it has the stitching throughout the entire quilt, so the inner insulation won't clump near the edges or so. This basically means that Kelty's outdoor blanket is pretty warm and weather-resistant, while also soft on the skin.

As for the dimensions, this camp blanket is 75.5 inches long and 42.5 inches wide, which is enough for a single person to curl in during cold summer nights or by the camping fire.

  • Warm​
  • Lightweight
  • Ten designs available
  • Inner stitching
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Some customers may consider it not wide enough

EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket - The Best Wool Camping Blanket

Another army evergreen enters our list as possibly the most popular woolen blanket around the globe, being an inevitable part of emergency kits and camping backpacks since forever.

If you're looking for a heavy-duty, premium blanket to last for more than one season and keep you dry and warm, look no more.

Ektos woolen blanket is made of 90% wool and 10% synthetics, which is the highest percentage of wool in a blanket you will find on the market. These camping blankets are loom-woven for higher density and, therefore, better quality, while finished edges make sure there's no fraying going on.

Wool is extremely warm and comfortable; moreover, it's a natural fire-retardant and an excellent insulator as it does not lose its properties in wet conditions.

This model weighs 4.4lbs, so it's a bit heavy, but it will keep you warm no matter how tall you are due to its large size of 66x90 inches.

Finally, it is available in three colors, and washable in a machine. However, you might want to hand-wash it to prevent shedding and definitely add some fragrant softener, as the blanket has what most customers described as an unpleasant odor.

  • Heavy-duty
  • 90% wool
  • Large
  • Loom woven
  • Finished edges
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Heavy

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket - UltraLightweight Camping Blanket

What we have here is a genuine, high-quality camping blanket by Horizon Hound, designed to keep you warm during the cold weather while being more than convenient for carrying and camping.

The outer side, or the shell as we usually call it, is made of 20D ripstop nylon, which is the best possible option you can get, as it lasts longer and has good water-resistance. It also means the blanket does not absorb any smells, and it can be washed in a machine with no effect on the quality.

If you're worried about whether this blanket will keep you warm, be sure it will as it is filled up with down insulation, known for its spectacular thermal properties. Also, it is essential to mention that Horizon Hound collects down as a by-product of the food industry, therefore being environmentally responsible.

Furthermore, this camp blanket is available in two weights and four colors, measuring 77 inches in length and 50 inches in width. The light version weighs 1.1 lbs while the GR-20 weighs five ounces more. You can also wrap the blanket around you and clip it on to make a poncho, which is especially convenient if you use it as a hammock blanket.

  • LIghtweight
  • Down insulation
  • 20d ripstop nylon 
  • Extremely warm
  • Large
  • /

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket - Extremely Water-Resistant

Are you looking for the best camping blankets built to endure high humidity and rainy weather and provide excellent warmth insulation? Well,' here's your stop, as this high-quality waterproof blanket will become an inevitable part of your outdoor lifestyle.

Why is this product attention-worthy?

Well, first of all, it comes in three color variants with a free carrying bag/stuff sack for the extra convenience in transport. It has two sides, one is warm and soft on the skin, while the other is durable and resistant.

The materials used for these camping blankets production are only the premium, heavy-duty fabrics, proven to perform well in desired conditions. On the one side, we have a double polyester layer, coated with polyurethane to make the blanket 100% waterproof.

As for the inner side, the soft n' plush insulation is made of high-quality Polar Fleece, providing fantastic warmth retention and gentle feel on the skin.

When it comes to size, this camp blanket is enormous, measuring 78" x 58" while weighing around only two pounds. Also, with this purchase, you keep all your rights reserved as the offer includes a 1-year warranty.

  • Huge
  • Super waterproof
  • Polar fleece insulation
  • Includes a warranty
  • Fleece may detach at the seems during machine washing 

USGI Industries Military Camo - Unique Piece of Military Gear

When we look for the gear built to adapt and provide protection in whatever outdoor conditions we find ourselves into, we will most certainly look in the army lockers.

This fantastic product was built for military needs. Therefore it is extremely warm, lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. It includes only materials of the highest quality and first-grade sewing.

When it comes to the shell, this camping blanket includes the 100% ripstop nylon and 100% Polyester Batting, which ensures excellent water-resistance and longevity. It also means the camping blanket can be machine washed, and it dries fast.

The USGI camping blanket weighs only 1.8 lbs and measures 82 inches in length and 62 inches in width. Plus, it compresses to as far as eight inches to fit the heavy-duty compression sack included in this offer.

It furthermore includes durable tie laces and sewn tags to use the blanket with the USGI Industries Rain Poncho, it also has inner stitching and is available at five different colors all camo designed.

This fantastic poncho liner or a 'woobie' as it is popularly cold has proven efficient for many customers, having zero low ratings on Amazon and a number of positive comments.

  • Ripstop nylon
  • Polyester batting
  • Five colors
  • Inner stitching
  • Strong tie laces
  • Heavy-duty
  • /

 Pendleton Yakima Camp Thick Warm- The Best Virgin Wool Outdoor Blankets

We have already referred to the advantages of woolen blankets, but what we haven't explained is that not every wool is equally efficient. Wools vary in grade, and what we have here is the first-grade virgin wool, built to last for years and keep you heated.

These outdoor blankets can be found in five attractive color combinations and three different sizes: tween size, queen size, and one size. They are comfortable and convenient for both indoor and outdoor use and designed to fulfill every requirement you may have.

Made of pure virgin wool, these camping blankets present a fantastic source of warmth and protection, even in the circumstances with high humidity or rainy weather.

Wool is also well-known as a natural fire-retardant, so no worries when you enjoy romantic moments next to the traditional camping fire in the woods.

The blanket weighs a pound barely, and its design is modeled after the legendary ombré stripe blankets cowboys used to have, so there's some history to it as well.

  • Three sizes
  • Beautiful design
  • Pure virgin wool
  • Warm
  • Lightweight
  • Excessive shedding

PUFFER WOLF | Extra Large - The Best Puffy Camping Blanket

Puffy blankets are trendy among campers as well; they are stuffed and have an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, which makes them ideal for extreme camping circumstances.

Firstly, these amazing camping blankets are the largest in the size you can find measuring 80" x 54" when opened, 77" x 51" when fully lofted, but they surely compress to only 5" x 5" x 12", which is what matters when you're camping only with a backpack.

They are insulated with a Featherlight Premium Insulation, which combines the high heat-to-weight ratio of down with hypoallergenic properties of synthetics to create this incredible, durable blend. This insulation has the thinnest denier and unique air-trapping wavelength model.

The blankets have proven to be super-warm, as the manufacturer overstuffs each quilt with over 14 oz of the quick loft PW700 puffy insulation, which, when compared with similar products, is twice as they encompass.

On the outer shell, we can find 20d ripstop nylon with the infusion of a DWR superior water-repellant, so you are secured even in wet conditions.

Finally, the blanket weighs less than 1.5 pounds, and packs in a stuff sack, plus it includes buttons and hand pockets to transform in a poncho effortlessly.

  • Best insulation
  • Water-resistant
  • Large
  • Lightweight
  • Great warmth-to-weight-ratio
  • Transforms in a poncho
  • /

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Camping Blankets

Is it your first time buying a camping blanket?

No problem, refer to our guide below and get familiar with the features you should care for when buying a perfect outdoor blanket.

1. Material

best camping blanket 2020

The crucial thing about the blankets for camping is the material they are made of, as it affects their performance.

Low-quality materials won't keep you warm at night, can be prone to bacteria, or won't keep the insulative properties in wet conditions.

What you are looking for is good warmth insulation inside and a water-resistant, soft shell on the outside. Ripstop nylon and polyester are the right choices for the shell, while wool or hollow-fiber synthetics are the most frequent insulators nowadays. 

2. Size

best camping blanket wirecutter

You don't want to end up with a short blanket on a cold camping night. It's a disaster!

Pay attention to the blanket's size, it should be around 5-7 feet long and 4-5 feet wide for a commonly tall person. 

3. Temperature Rating

This feature will give you the best insight into the product's efficiency.

Temperature ratings are determined with a series of tests and following specific standards; therefore, as much as they are not 100% accurate, they give you pretty reliable information on blanket properties. It is crucial to choose the appropriate temperature rating for the conditions you will find yourself in when camping. 

So If you're camping in Summer, 30-50°F will provide enough warmth, while anything below will just add unnecessary weight to your backpack and make you sweat at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sleeping Bags Better Than Blankets?

Sleeping bags are definitely the most efficient form of warmth insulation. They create the mummy effect and therefore keep the warmth inside while at the same time protecting you from draught and air circulation in general.

What people don't like about them is the limitation in mobility and uncomfortable feeling under the zipper. Therefore, blankets are not as useful as sleeping bags except in summertime when you don't really need a sleeping bag.

best wool camping blanket

Are Wool Blankets Suitable for Camping?

Absolutely yes! Wool features some remarkable insulative properties. The army has been using wool blankets for decades, which most certainly proves its efficiency.

It is a breathable, natural material that repels the bacteria and, most importantly, keeps the insulative properties even when wet. 

Do You Need a Blanket With a Sleeping Bag Camping?

The highest-quality sleeping bags are made with temperature ratings up to zero and below it. Therefore you won't need an additional blanket or a quilt when in a sleeping bag. 

However, people vary, therefore if you're an extraordinarily cold sleeper, you might want to consider it. 

best campsite at blanket bay

Final Thoughts

As we carefully examined all of the best offers we found on the current market, we concluded that the best camping blanket, judging by the essential requirements for camping purposes, is the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket.


Well, the first thing you should take into consideration is whether this blanket will keep you warm at night or not.

This fantastic camping blanket features 80% wool, which means that it will save you heat during both wet and dry weather. It also keeps you safe near the camping fire, as wool acts as a natural fire retardant. 

It furthermore implies no additional chemicals are added to your blanket, so it is perfectly safe for your skin and the skin of your kids as well. Now, it's not only wool but also incorporates 20% polyester which has hypoallergenic properties, so once again no side-effects will be emitted.

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket - 4.5 lbs, Warm, Thick, Washable, Large 64" x 88" - Great for...*
  • UPDATED FOR 2020: Thanks to input from hundreds of customers, we’ve made dramatic improvements for the new decade to provide more warmth and value. Unlike cheaper blankets, Arcturus wool blankets are triple-washed during production, making them softer, more hygienic, and less susceptible to shedding. Check out recent customer feedback to get the most accurate reviews from your fellow Arcturus fans.
  • PERFECT ANYWHERE: Loom-woven and hemmed on all sides with contrast lock stitching, our blanket looks right at home in the woods or on your couch. Wool is a naturally fire-retardant material. Our blankets are NEVER treated with any additional flame-retardant chemicals, making it safe for you and your family.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ALL - Large size (64" x 88") will keep you and a friend cozy while camping, at a tailgate party, or an outdoor concert. Also great as an emergency blanket in your vehicle or for a cowboy camping setup.
  • WARM & DEPENDABLE - Wool is a time-tested natural fabric that will keep you warm, even when wet. The remainder of the blanket is composed of 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers for durability and washability. Because wool fibers are relatively short, longer synthetic fibers help secure the weave, minimizing shedding and adding years of life to your blanket.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - We make it easy to care for your new blanket. Not only are they washable, but they get softer and softer with each wash. Scroll down for detailed care instructions.

Finally, the blanket is extremely large, thus fit to cover even the tallest campers out there!

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