Driftsun Double Hammock with Steel Stand Space Saving Two Person Lawn Review

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The Driftsun Double Hammock has a carrying bag so that you can take this hammock anywhere you want to go.

Even when you are going on a holiday in the beach or you will visit some relatives in the countryside, this swing is so easy to assemble (you only need a couple of minutes in setting up).

You just have to pick a flat surface and wallah! You are ready for a terrific napping or sleeping under a tree.

The summer season may bring some irritation while you are at home, relaxing inside the house may not be a good option.

When you have a Driftsun Double Hammock with Steel Stand, a quick setup in your backyard, the patio or your porch is a welcome reprieve.

This portable and a lightweight hammock are designed to make you more comfortable.

The 100% cotton fabric is soft and has a fine mesh that let your skin breathe once it comes into contact with the hammock bed.


Key Features and Benefits

Driftsun Double Hammock with Steel Stand

There is more to thank for when you opt to buy the space-saver Driftsun Double Hammock.

Yes, it can save you more space because this modern cot is designed with a lean posture where its base (or foot) measures only 3’4”.

The poles have a gap of 9 feet which will fit other hammock beds with a maximum length of 9.5ft (including the rope sling).

Additionally, this Driftsun Double Hammock has a width of 4’9” which can accommodate two adult persons at the same time up to a weight of 450 lbs, the hammock’s capacity.

You can also adjust the tension of the swing to your desired distance from the ground as this product has 5 height selections.

You only need to move the provided metal hook attached to the poles through the holes on the pipe.

The steel stand is made from thick metal pipe that is powder-coated with environment-friendly chemicals and paints to withstand the elements.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get in using the Driftsun Double Hammock

  • You can sleep diagonally with this type of hammock (Brazilian-style) which is more relaxing compared with your feet touching the ground.
  • The steel stand does not make any annoying noise so you sleep soundly.
  • You can fall asleep quicker when using this hammock.
  • Lightweight at only 26lbs overall weight
  • Doesn’t need special tools to setup
  • Adjusting can also be done without tools
  • Ideal to use in your patio and lawn, but can be used where it fits
  • The fabric doesn’t smell even when users sweat out
  • Can be easily moved when assembled
  • Needs regular washing especially when used more frequently during the summer months
  • The hammock bed is not water-proof but can be easily dried when wet
  • Not advisable to wash with water that is too hot


If you travel a lot, the Driftsun Double Hammock is also a perfect companion.

Although this product is a nice backdrop on your patio or lawn, you can still carry and use it anywhere you like.

Even if you commute via public transport, this compact and sleek product fits in a small carry bag which is not too hard to move by hand.

Just remember to set up this amazing modern swing in a flat surface so it will be totally safe to use.

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