The Best Hammock Straps: Swing Safe Without A Worry On Your Mind

Hammocks are a true haven of relaxation and stress relief. Honestly, nothing compares to the carefree hours of swinging under the open sky. But oftentimes, the relaxing hours of personal nirvana are interrupted by a sudden turn of events, or a sudden fall of your hammock, to be more precise.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

But this is not the only problem. Some people don't even get to the part where they lie in their hammock due to perplexities with the setup. It can surely be a real pain in the rear.

But worry no more, we got you covered!

The key to proper setup and safe and secure swinging lies in the high-quality suspension system. Many hammocks, unfortunately, do not include one, which is why you have to buy hammock straps and carabiners additionally. Knowing how stressing this whole quest can be, we formed a list of ten best hammock straps to help you. 

Knock yourself out!


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Hammock Straps on the Market: My Top 10 Recommendations

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps - Top Pick Hammock Straps

Fighting chest to chest with big-name brands on Amazon. com, Rallt managed to win the battle for the best hammock tree straps title, and enter our list as the top pick model. The main reason behind its victory lies in more than one thousand satisfied customers and pretty admirable specifications.

Now, looking at these straps, the first thing to come to our mind is that they are not quite broad. But don't let this deceive you! If you inspect them carefully, you may see they have more stitching per loop than other models, which makes them extremely durable.

Also, durability was ensured with non-stretch polyester tubular webbing, which most certainly will endure the rainy weather and harsh tree surface. 

Furthermore, each strap is 10 feet long, providing the total length of 20 ft, which has proven ideal in practice, wherever you're setting your hammock up. And when it comes to the setup, it is entirely effortless due to the daisy chain loop system with eighteen anchor points to snap your carabiner into.

With the weight of only 11.2 ounces, one would not expect this magnificent straps to be able to withstand more than 2000lbs, yet that truly is their tested combined breaking strength.

Finally, what's also cool is the integrated reflective thread, which helps you find the straps at night and keeps you visible.

  • Affordable
  • Reflective thread
  • 20ft of length
  • More stitching per loop
  • Eighteen loops
  • Daisy chain loop system
  • No carabiners 

Foxelli Hammock Straps - Runner Up Hammock Straps

Yeah, spending time in nature is cool, but leaving tree marks behind is definitely not! Be environmentally responsible and choose the gear which is tree friendly. Such as our runner up pick is.

Foxelli XL Hammock straps are the only suspension system you're going to need, whatever hammock you have. They are compatible with all the hammock models on the market.

Furthermore, these incredible xl hammock straps measure twenty feet in length when combined, enabling an easy setup between whatever anchor points you find. Plus, they include 40 adjustment loops, so no complicated knots are needed with this innovative piece of equipment.

Safety, as the most crucial factor, is guaranteed with highly dense, 100% no-stretch polyester webbing with triple stitching for extra strength. It can hold up to 2000lbs; therefore, no need to worry about tearing apart or falling off the hammock.

Finally, the set is light as the breeze, being perfect for backpacking, road trips, and camping. And you get a 30 day trial period on Amazon, so you might as well get your money back If not satisfied.

  • Extra large
  • Tree friendly
  • 20ft long
  • 2000lbs weight capacity
  • 40 loops
  • no carabiners

Cutequeen 2pcs 34 Loops 20Ft Long - Budget Pick

Listen, If you're not planning to go camping professionally, and you are looking for some decent equipment to set a hammock up in your yard or use it a couple of times, It is not necessary to spend a bunch of money on hammock straps. Here we have a more affordable choice that will do the job just as right as any other expensive hammock straps you find.

Despite the low price, these straps are really strong, holding up to 1500lbs per strap, which is beyond the standard for the product of this kind.

They come in four possible variants. The first one includes 19.6 Ft long straps with 34 adjustment loops while the second one is of the same length yet with 56 loops. If this is not long enough for you, the third option includes 26.2 Ft long straps with 80 loops, while the last one is the longest measuring 32.8 Feet long straps with 100 loops. All the models are 1 inch wide and support 1500lbs per strap.

As for the material, they are made of no-stretch polyester webbing with triple stitching, so they are quite durable and weather-resistant. Plus, the offer includes two steel carabiners as well, so it's a perfect solution for the ones on a tight budget.

  • Four variants
  • Compatible with all hammocks
  • Affordable
  • Includes carabiners
  • High weight capacity
  • Not of the highest quality 

Wise Owl Outfitters - The Best Offer With Carabiners

Wise Owl has many amazing hammock offers on Amazon, and its products are increasingly becoming popular among the camping enthusiasts. So let's see what's this set all about.

First of all, these straps are tree friendly, being one inch wide that enables them to lay flat on the trees without leaving marks. This is especially important for professional campers, as many camping sites do not allow rope straps anymore.

Furthermore, these hammock straps have an innovative design that makes them easy to use, taking you not more than a minute to set them up.

As for the length, they are 10 feet long each and have 19 loops per strap, so you may adjust the range between the anchor points as needed.

Finally, the straps are made of Polyester Filament Webbing and have reinforced stitching at all connection points. Plus, they include two heavy-duty D carabiners, so you're completely covered.

The only minor drawback is the weight capacity of 1000lbs, which in practice is good enough, yet there are many offers with a higher weight capacity.

  • Heavy duty
  • Includes carabiners
  • Tree-friendly
  • Polyester filament webbing
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Simple to use
  • Weight capacity could have been higher

pys XL Hammock Tree - A Trustworthy Brand

The founder of the pys brand is actually the founder of the RuiYu Outdoor company, who himself is an outdoor enthusiast in love with adventurism. So working to create the best equipment for his own needs, he created the specialized camping equipment with proven quality for all of us.

The straps are made of heavy-duty no-stretch polyester fabric with double reinforced stitching, so durability is absolutely guaranteed.

Each hammock strap is 10 feet long, providing a total length of 20 feet, which has proven to be the golden standard. Now a single hammock strap can hold up to 1000lbs, which makes a total breaking strength of these hammock straps 2000lbs.

Furthermore, the straps are one inch wide and tree-friendly, with 40 adjustment loops for more comfortable set up on any distance.

Also, you may be happy to hear; the manufacturer provides exceptional customer service for any inconvenience you come across with their equipment.

  • 20 ft long
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Reinforced stitching
  • 40 loops
  • No carabiners
  • False replicas are present on the market

Tree Swing Hanging Straps - The Best For Home Use

Here we have a bit different offer from what we have already reviewed. Namely, Tree Swing Hanging Straps are customized for every kind of garden swing you may have. They can be used for patio hammocks, hammock chairs, baby swings, classic swings, but hardly for a real nature camping. 

These hammock straps are extra-thick, having the width of two inches, which is double the width considered a standard for these products.

However, they are not as long as the other products we reviewed. Each strap is only five feet long, providing a total length of 10 feet. This is quite enough for patio hammocks and swings of any kind, yet not entirely satisfying for the camping experience.

These straps imitate the seatbelt design, having additional stitching for safety measures near the metal ring loops, so they are pretty durable and can withstand 1000lbs each.

Moreover, these straps are made of nylon, which has good water-resistance and UV-resistance properties; therefore, it will last long. Plus, the offer includes two robust carabiners. So no additional equipment is needed.

  • Heavy-duty carabiners
  • Extra-wide
  • 2000lbs weight capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Additional stitching
  • Some customers may consider it not long enough 
  • Made of nylon

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters - Advanced Design

Eno products are the absolute classics in the camping world. Although they already won the trust of customers, the brand improved, even more, the quality of the hammock straps, and released a newly redesigned model- ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters.

The new Atlas Straps have tapered construction that reduces the weight and puts less stress on the trees. Plus, the special tree-protectors are environmentally friendly as they make sure no tree marks are left behind.

Now, each strap is nine feet long and has fifteen attachment loops, so you get to hang your hammock with this hammock strap as you want.

Also, this suspension system is made of 1000D Polyfilament webbing, which is pretty strong and durable, withstanding the weight up to 400lbs. Now, this maybe isn't the weight capacity you want, but it actually is pretty okay for a single person If you use it correctly.

Eno hammock straps also include reflective stitching for better visibility, which may be of use during the night time in the forest.

  • Tree protectors
  • Reflective stitching
  • 30 attachment loops
  • Polyfilament webbing
  • Low weight capacity 
  • Not as long as one would want 

Krazy Outdoors Hammock - The Finest Hammock Straps With S-Hooks

Hang your hammock wherever you want with this extra-long suspension system that will make your camping experience as pleasurable as possible.

Well, first of all, the hammock strap in question was specially designed to fit with every hammock type you have while not damaging the trees.

Also, the material they are built of is 100% polyester that won't stretch over time, while the O ring and S hooks are made of stainless steel. Oh, by the way, the offer includes two S-hooks for simple use and setup we all want.

Now each hammock strap is eleven feet long, which will make the total length of twenty-two feet, which is the best length noted so far.

When it comes to weight capacity, each of the two straps can hold up to 500lbs, so the use is safe as long as the total weight is not over 100lbs.

They also include reinforced stitching to make the straps even safer, and the money-back guarantee is included to make your purchase risk-free.

  • 100% polyester
  • Extra-long
  • You also get two S-hooks
  • 1000lbs weight capacity
  • Money-back guarantee
  • The S-hooks may straighten 

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps - Great Quality for The Price

This all-inclusive offer will get you all you need for a perfect hammock hang, whether in nature or your yard and for more than affordable prices. The straps are effortless to set up and eco-friendly so that nothing will stop you on your way to relaxation.

First of all, these straps come in four different color combinations, black-blue, black-gray, black-green, and black-white. The middle stitching is reflective and, therefore, pretty convenient for the night.

When it comes to the length, each strap is ten feet long, so you get 20 feet of range at your disposal. And each strap has twenty adjustable loops so you may adjust the length to forty different distances.

The straps have reinforced, extra thick triple stitching and, therefore, can endure up to 1000lbs without tearing apart, and as they are made of specially formulated polyester, they are built to last.

What this offer also includes are two extra-strong metal carabiners and a carrying bag, so you certainly won't need any additional equipment for the setup.

  • Specially formulated polyester
  • High weight capacity
  • Four color combinations
  • Triple stitching
  • Forty loops
  • 20 ft of length
  • Affordable
  • /

Pro Hammock - Premium Aluminum Carabiners

When you are looking for the perfect hammock equipment, you need to consider all the parts required for the setup and make sure they are of the highest possible quality. Now many straps include carabiners, but they most certainly are not as high-quality as the ones provided with the Pro Hammock straps.

First of all, these straps come in three colors. The reflective stitching is available in orange, white, and blue color, so whatever you decide for you will be visible at night.

They are built of 100% polyester with triple stitching on each loop so that the straps won't be affected by the rain, UV-rays, mildew, or tree surface.

Now, each strap is eight feet long, providing a total length of sixteen feet, and the width of each is one inch. On this length, you have 30 anchor points so that you may adjust the length in accordance with the distance of your supporting object.

The straps are estimated to withhold 400 lbs, yet their breaking point was tested for 1200lbs, so they are pretty strong despite what the features say.

Now the carabiners you also get are Premium Aluminium Wiregate Carabiners, built to endure up to 110lbs and keep the construction sturdy. This is really important as you don't need to spend more money on additional equipment, or replacement for the lousy carabiners you got with your troops. These are strong and durable.

  • Strong carabiners included
  • Polyester webbing
  • Three colors
  • Durable
  • Long
  • /

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose Hammock Straps

Are you buying a hammock for the first time? You're not sure how to use hammock straps?

No problem. Choosing the best hammock straps shouldn't cause you any fuss with the simple, comprehensive guide we composed to lighten up your path to the perfect hammocking experience.

So let's see what the key features you should care for are.

1. Weight Capacity

best hammock straps for trees

A hammock suspension system is the crucial element of the entire hammock construction, which is holding up the total weight put on a hammock.

Therefore, you should always check the weight capacity of the hammock straps, as the high weight capacity of the hammock won't be of use if the straps tear apart. 

There are many premium quality straps built to endure up to 1000lbs of weight, so you might want to consider these advanced models.

2. The Length

When it comes to hammock straps, size matters. Especially the length.

Whether you're planning camping in nature or relaxing on your patio, improvisation is the fundamental thing. Therefore, you want to be ready to provide a perfect hang on whatever distance your two supporting objects are. 

Mostly, best selling straps on the market have a length of 10ft per strap, so settling for something less may be risky.

3. The Material

best hammock straps on amazon

Durability and the strength of your hammock straps entirely depend on the material and how it is sewn.

So when it comes to the material, it is essential for it not to stretch, to be water-resistant and sewn as a tight, firm webbing.

The most popular material for these purposes is the polyester webbing as it endures rainy weather and supports high weights.

4. Loops

As we have previously pointed out, when it comes to adventurism, the key is to adapt to existing conditions.

So many straps on the market have several loops created on the very strap to enable easy set up on many different distances. So you might as well check this out before you buy a hammock suspension system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need hammock straps?

It depends on your needs. As you will find, some hammocks come with straps, while others do not, so you will have to purchase them separately.

However, most hammocks do come with various carabiners; therefore, you DO NOT have to buy straps unless you want the extras to use around the camp or for hanging gear off the hammock straps.

So, it’s up to you whether you will purchase these and fulfill the given conditions.

What are the best hammock straps?

The best hammock straps are the extraordinary Rallt Hammock Tree Straps due to their various qualities and benefits. Thus, you will find them sturdy and durable enough to withstand and endure different pressures and other extreme conditions.

The straps will also deliver the integrated reflective thread to find them at night and keep them visible.

But, of course, they’re the best also for their performance, quality and design, so they will offer the best experience while in the hammock.

How long do hammock straps last?

Depending on the robust uses, the durability period might vary, even when it comes to the hammock straps. However, a general rule is that they should last between one and ten years. However, again it all depends on how often and how significantly you use them. 

Also, you should inspect and gear before you set off on a trip and replace it if something goes unexpectedly.

How do you hang hammock straps on hammock?

best lightweight hammock straps

Modern hammock straps are pretty straightforward to use; they are already upgraded to make the setup as easy as possible.

So what you should do is take one strap and wrap it around a tree or whatever your supporting object is, then pull the side with knots (loops) through the other side all the way through and fasten it as hard as you can. When you've done this, you attach the carabiner and hook it to the hammock.

You do the same on the other side. The bottom angle between the rope and the tree must be 30 degrees for a perfect hang.

How long should hammock straps be?

The optimal length of a single strap should be approximately 10ft, giving you 20ft of range in total. This should pretty much have you covered wherever you set the hammock up.

How much can hammock straps hold?

Let’s go from the beginning. The hammock straps should be placed six feet from the ground on the tree. The maximum weight capacity will measure how much weight the hammock straps can support safely for more security and better use.

For example, some straps offer 400 pounds while keeping a maximum of 450 pounds of the total burden. This way, you and your anchor points need to hold up to 200 pounds at once.

Final Thoughts 

To finish our hammock straps story, the only thing left for us to do is to remind you once again of the best hammock straps model we found. With an affordable price, yet admirable features Rallt Hammock Tree Straps took the crown as the top-notch model in the branch.

It has 20 ft of length and can endure 2000 lbs with ease. Can't find your straps at night? Can't happen! They feature reflective thread for better night experience and have eighteen extra stitched loops for better hang-adjustment.

At last, they are made of non-stretch polyester webbing, so be sure there won't be any surprises during the night.

RALLT Premium Heavy-Duty Hammock Tree Straps & Carabiners - Extra Strength Suspension with 20ft of...*
  • EXTRA LONG TREE STRAPS: Our thick and sturdy hammock ties each measure 10ft long (20ft total) and features 18 carabiner loops (36 in total), 3/4" 100% Non-Stretch Polyester tubular webbing, and reflective tracers for easy night navigation.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED: Our robust suspension system includes 2 aluminum wire gate carabiners. These ultralight clips take up no room at all and support 2000+ lbs combined breaking strength, tested for strength and durability.
  • STRESS-FREE TRAVEL: Our hammock hanging kit packs into a tiny 4" x 4" x 1.5" stuff sack (the size of a small grapefruit!), weighing only 11.7oz and making a lightweight addition to your backpack or travel bag.
  • EASY SETUP: Quickly setup your outdoor hammock in just 8 minute with our daisy-chain loop system! No stressful or complicated knots to learn—simply wrap the straps around the tree and snap your industrial-strength carabiner into one of 18 loops.
  • BUILT TO LAST: RALLT's hammock accessories are thicker, stronger, and carefully crafted with tough, lightweight materials that last longer so you can camp with comfort for years to come. They also make for the perfect gift for every outdoor enthusiast.

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