Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing and Stand Set Review

Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing And Stand Set Review

If you want more style in your patio, lawn or garden, the Giantex Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock Swing and Stand Set is an awesome choice. This wooden hammock arc stand is designed with not only a more pleasant sleep and relaxation in mind but also a terrific way of embellishing your backyard or patio and other outdoor living spaces. The finest product from Giantex, this amazing modern cot is a fabric or pool hammock which has spreader bars. The fabric is made from polyester cotton that is only 260 grams in weight.

The wooden hammock is made from solid and sturdy Russian larch wood that is so shiny, it will definitely brighten up your backyard. This free-standing hammock has wooden spreader bars that come with the product and steel chain-like hanging loops that support your hammock. The arc wooden hammock stand comes in 6 segments (all are curved) which can be assembled in minutes with the help of a proper tool (a long screwdriver will do).

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Zupapa 550lbs Weight Capacity Steel Hammock Stand Review

Zupapa 550lbs Weight Capacity Steel Hammock Stand

More and more people and hammock enthusiasts are using the well-designed Zupapa Steel Hammock Stand, probably because of its super durability and compatibility with a wide array of Brazilian-style hammock fabric. This easy to assemble steel tube stand is so light (overall weight is only 25lbs.) but tough enough to carry a total load of a staggering 550lbs, perfect for a 2-person hammock. Imagine this weight capacity which other steel stands don’t have.

Moreover, the Zupapa Steel Hammock Stand is also very versatile. The stand can fit into a wide variety of hammock bed that range in size between 9 to 11.5 feet in length. The secret lies on the 6 holes on each pole of the stand. The holes in each pole can be used to adjust the tension of your bed by adjusting the hooks that fit into the hole where the hammock bed can be hung.

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Driftsun Double Hammock with Steel Stand Space Saving Two Person Lawn Review

Driftsun Double Hammock With Steel Stand

The Driftsun Double Hammock has a carrying bag so that you can take this hammock anywhere you want to go. Even when you are going on a holiday in the beach or you will visit some relatives in the countryside, this swing is so easy to assemble (you only need a couple of minutes in setting up). You just have to pick a flat surface and wallah! You are ready for a terrific napping or sleeping under a tree.

The summer season may bring some irritation while you are at home, relaxing inside the house may not be a good option. When you have a Driftsun Double Hammock with Steel Stand, a quick setup in your backyard, the patio or your porch is a welcome reprieve. This portable and a lightweight hammock are designed to make you more comfortable. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and has a fine mesh that let your skin breathe once it comes into contact with the hammock bed.

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Sorbus Double Hammock with Steel Stand Two Person Review

Sorbus Double Hammock With Steel Stand

If you want a perfect relaxation during the summer heat, the cutting-edge Sorbus Double Hammock with Steel Stand is a terrific combination hammock to beat. It is also an ideal addition to any outdoor or indoor space as it comes in vivid color. This space-saving double hammock has a durable cotton and polyester fabrics which are soft enough to the skin.

The stand that comes with this cozy swing is a slim and sleek 5-piece rust-proof and weather-resistant powder-coated steel. Unlike tree-hanging cots, the Brazilian-style Sorbus Double Hammock is a free-standing hammock that can be adjusted (5 height options) so you can find the perfect tension without untying the rope. The strong hammock steel stand and the reliable fabric bed can hold up to 450lbs of weight even if it is swayed by two persons at the same time.

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Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand Review

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand

Hammocks are becoming part of more people’s everyday lives. In North America, there are an estimated 22% of the adult population as active hammock users (both commercial and homemade hammocks), while more than 8% have their own unit but seldom use the device more frequently. In South America, where hammocks were believed to have originated, more people are adept in using homemade hammocks, while some are beginning to appreciate the trouble-free use of factory manufactured hammocks with its own stands.

Some of those that are not fully satisfied in using this kind of equipment might be the results of uneven balancing of tension on the fabric bed (it’s either too saggy or too tight). Some were not aware of the availability of commercial combo hammocks (also known as free-standing hammocks) that are more convenient and easy to use. Others do not use hammock accessories, such as a pillow, to make them more comfortable.

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Why is it Best to Sleep in a Portable Folding Hammock

portable folding hammock

Most hammock enthusiasts find a portable folding hammock to be more relaxing and most convenient to use. It can also fine tune the mood in sleeping, napping, and even just whiling away time, than ordinary hammocks can offer. But what is the secret behind this type of hammock which can enhance greater pleasure especially for the tired and stressed souls?

A portable folding hammock is the latest in technology in manufacturing recreational products that are not as expensive as other amusement items. The product comes lighter (but with the same capacity as conventional hammocks), easier to set up and disassemble, and can be moved or transport effortlessly.

Moreover, these durable hammocks have a structure made from a strong metal frame that will not corrode or rust even when left outdoors overnight. Find out more about this amazing product that continues to fascinate hammock users the world over.

How to Get a Period House Renovation Right

How To Get A Period House Renovation Right

When renovating period properties, certain familiar problems and pitfalls crop up very regularly. Some are common to all building projects but others are specific to heritage houses.

Most of these are caused by unfamiliarity or a lack of understanding of older structures, how they work and the legislation that protects them all of which can be true of homeowners, designers and contractors.

The overriding solution to these problems is to do your homework, plan carefully and take your time. Here are the basic principles you should embrace to enjoy a successful renovation.

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6 Reasons to Choose a Design and Build Package

6 Reasons To Choose A Design And Build Package

Finding a specialist company that can take on more than one element of a self build can help reduce your risk and improve your peace of mind. Here are six reasons why a package of services might work for you

Whether you’re a novice self builder looking for as much hand-holding as possible for your project, or someone with experience who lacks the time to be completely immersed, it makes good sense to aggregate certain elements of a build.

A company offering a design and construction package can take away some of the stress and uncertainty – and there’s significant flexibility to be had, from firms that design you a timber frame kit and take you to shell stage on site, to additional services such as planning applications, Building Regs, plot finding and project management.

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How to Hang a Hammock Without Damaging Trees

How To Hang A Hammock Without Damaging Trees

Hanging a hammock is not a difficult task to do, especially when you know the techniques. Actually, there are a hundred ways to hang a hammock and doing it on trees is just one way of enjoying the priceless pleasure of riding a hammock. But be sure you don’t hurt the trees where you will hang your hammock.

Unlike a free-standing hammock, a hanging hammock needs something to hold on to. Hanging a hammock from trees is a terrific idea, especially when you are outdoors (when camping, mountain climbing, or even the comfort of your backyard) and the sun is shining.

Washed in Water: The Art of Shibori and Cyanotype Feels Fresh for Summer

Washed In Water: The Art Of Shibori And Cyanotype Feels Fresh For Summer

What makes the combination of blue and white so appealing in décor? From Blue Willow platters to French Toile to classic Seersucker, the color scheme of blue paired with white continues to anchor spaces in classic and refreshing ways.

But modern tastes or even our tried-and-true classics could use a dose of the organic lines found in the current trend of shibori fabric, also known as dipped-dyed indigo. This isn’t your summer camp tie dye project; the ancient art is less about the kitsch and more about the chic. It’s popping up in high-end design for its graphic two-toned styling which works in a variety of spaces, living rooms to bedrooms, porches to dinner tables.

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